Friday, 4 April 2014

Puerto Varas & Puerto Mont, Chile: The Beginning of Patagonia

My trip to Puerto Varas is the beginning of my month in Patagonia. Puerto Varas is a little town on a giant lake that is back dropped by 2 volcanoes. The town is in line with the bottom of Australia (Tasmania).

Puerto Varas has a lot of touristy tours/activities, much like Pucón,  but I just wanted to walk around and relax. My 2 days here just involved sorting out accommodation, walking along the lake, eating, booking a flight to the far far south and chiling out.

The lake!

Filtered photo with Volcán Osorno

The Casino

Some sort of museum


A very filtered photo

The entire white menu for 7 dollars. 4 courses + bread + drink

After a couple of days in Puerto Varas I arrived for 1 night in Puerto Montt. Puerto Montt is a cool looking port city with big street markets but I didn't have much time to experience it.

My only evening just involved a cameraless walk along the water, getting the office of tourism to sort out my accommodation (private room in a guest house for 14 dollars) and having Camila arrange my airport transfer from over 1,000k away (lucky me).

The flight had amazing views for the entire 1000km journey, except for the lady throwing up next to me. I gave her my spew bag before arriving within 1,000 km of Antartica in the town of Punta Arenas.

My first domestic flight outside of Australia

Next stop Puerto Natales and the ridiculously stunning Torres del Paine.

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